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The Freedom Buffet™

Integrated Freedom Buffet

  At last! Unique roll-top bowl covers that make it easy for anyone to tend your birds! Birds can't bite the attendant or escape while the cage is being serviced. Externally mounted feeder system increases inside cage space. Safety! Sanitation! Will save you time and money. Partitions reduce cross contamination of food and water. Significantly reduces spilling of food and water on the floor. Protects food and water from bird droppings even when birds are on top of cage! 3 removable and dishwasher safe roll-top bowl covers.

  Roll tops: injection molded polycarbonate (not acrylic). Features 3 lock down 30-oz stainless steel bowls. A Lock/release system for roll-tops is hidden below tray where birds can't see or reach them! Buffet tray and interior feeding grate are made of 304 medical grade stainless steel.

  Freedom Buffet™ for existing cages? Yes, but the system is relatively expensive. It consists of a laser-cut stainless steel 3 receptacle buffet tray, integrated locking mechanism, interior stainless feeding grate, 3 FDA approved Lexan® bowl covers (jet windshield material), three 30 oz bowls and installation hardware. Cost is $359.00 plus shipping. Consider the following:

1) The existing cage panel must be modified to install the feeder, which requires a machine shop. 2) If the existing cage is powder coated, the new framed opening will have fresh welds and will need to be sand blasted and powder coated. More cost. The feeding system separately makes good economic sense for breeders with aviaries or those with existing, expensive stainless steel cages. For other cages, you will find it more economical to simply replace your existing cage with a new Freedom Cage® already engineered for the Freedom Buffet™. Please call 1-609-506-3778 for consultation on retrofitting and other inquiries regarding the integrated Freedom Buffet.

Freedom Cage, LLC. reserves the right to alter features, specifications and prices without notice