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About Us

  The Freedom Cage line of animal enclosures was conceived by a family of bird lovers that was never satisfied with the same old feeder systems, namely the lack of sanitation, the mess, the rapid contamination of food and water, and the risk to an attendant opening the cage doors. The family wanted responsible neighbors to be able to safely care for their birds when they were away for a weekend or a week. They achieved all of these objectives and more! After long study, design and testing, the result was a new, revolutionary product called the Freedom Buffet.

  Now, with one motion, there is easy access to food and water from the cage exterior. Food bowls are no longer inside the cage area to be quickly contaminated, freeing up even more cage space. Each bowl is covered with a separate injection molded, space-age polycarbonate roll-top hood, that when closed, securely locks each bowl down. When opened, the roll-top hood seals off the bird from the buffet-style tray and the attendant's fingers! A few swipes with a sponge and the tray is clean! We also include an extra set of three stainless steel bowls so you can bring a clean bowl to the cage every time you feed your bird. The roll-top hoods lock in both the up and down positions. Food and water are now protected from droppings even when pets are playing on top of their cages! In effect, each bowl is "contained" reducing mess from food to water contamination.

  We make sure our cages are truly worthy of the Freedom Buffet. The cages on this web site are proven performers to accommodate most mid to large sized parrots. These cages are packed with features and options but always place safety first. Although design and modifications have taken years in development, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable prices for each cage.

Freedom Cage, LLC wants you to own a Freedom Cage since only then will it begin to do so much for you and your bird(s) in economy, security, safety, sanitation, and freedom to enjoy your pets more than ever.

Freedom Cage, LLC. reserves the right to alter features, specifications and prices without notice